Environment and Sustainability

DEIN Prefab Systems is aware of the fragile nature of our eco system and the demands that we are placing on it. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our company’s operations, how we deliver them and the products that we produce. DEIN Prefab Systems continually monitor these processes and procedures and develop new solutions and systems to address these issues. DEIN Prefab Systems use construction techniques that minimise the impact on the environment in their manufacturing process, transportation to site, site assembly and the cost of the whole life cycle.

DEIN Prefab Systems is at the forefront of ecological construction with a commitment to producing the most sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings whilst also being the leader in management controls and auditing.

DEIN Prefab Systems do not only take climate change very seriously, but also the challenge to the environment that this brings. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions wherever we can throughout our operations with a continual program of monitoring and developing/designing solutions to reduce them.

DEIN Prefab Systems strive to deliver buildings which produce a low carbon footprint and consume very little energy to help reduce the impact of new developments on the environment.