Closed Timber Panel Walls

External Walls – Render Finish applied in the Factory (BS EN ISO 6949) The standards for the measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are BS EN 12664, BS EN 12667 and BS EN 12939)

The DEIN Prefab Systems exterior walls are prefabricated timber frame closed panels made from treated pine Class C24 and are PEFC approved with studs at 625 mm centres. All timbers are treated with preservative as required by UK Building Regulations. The maximum panel length is 13 m and the maximum height is 2.95. These measures are determined by the type of transportation we use.

DEIN Prefab System’s external walls can be used with various types of cladding:

  • Render, applied in factory or on site, depending on customer choice and whether it is a Passive House
  • Wooden cladding (installed in factory or on site depending on the design requirements)
  • Rain screen cladding systems like Reynobond can be fixed in the factory
  • Brick or stone finish (on site)
  • Others: Brick slips, clay tiles or other rain screen cladding systems can all be fixed on site.

Specification sheet(s):
External Walls

Internal Walls – Structural wall (BS EN ISO 6946) The standards for the measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are BS EN 12664, BS EN 12667 and BS EN 12939)

The DEIN Prefab Systems interior walls are prefabricated timber frame closed panels made from 60 x 100 mm treated pine Class C24 PEFC approved with studs at 625 mm centres. They are filled with glasswool insulation and then closed both sides with 18mm plasterboard. In bathrooms, toilets and wet rooms water resistant green plasterboard is used. Dimensions of the interior doors (heights and widths) must be selected in the design phase.

Specification sheet(s):
Internal Walls

Party Walls (BS EN ISO 6946) The standards for the measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are BS EN 12664, BS EN 12667 and BS EN 12939)9)

The DEIN Prefab Systems standard partition walls are prefabricated timber frame closed panels made from 100 x 60 treated pine Class C24 PEFC approved with studs at 625 mm centres. They are filled with glasswool insulation and there is a 40mm cavity between both panels.

Specification sheet(s):
Party Walls

Floors & Ceilings

Intermediate Floors

The intermediate floors are composed of 250x50mm beams (with variable joists, depending on the structural calculation) with 19mm P5 wood particle board and filled with 50mm – 250mm thick fibreglass insulation, PE foil and 22mm wooden battens (electrical services void) and finished with either 1 or 2 x 12.5mm gypsum boards.

Specification sheet(s):
Tandard Intermediate Floor

Cold Roof

The ventilated roof cassettes are composed of either 250x50mm beams (with variable rafters, depending on the structural calculation), either a Steico Universal Board or OSM board 20mm thick, or just a vapour barrier and fly battens. Where applicable roof trusses will be used that will have a membrane and fly battens on the exterior ready for counter battens and tiling by roofing contractor.

Warm Roof

The floors of non-ventilated roofs are composed of 50/250mm beams (with variable rafters, s / calculation), 250mm fibreglass insulation, vapour barrier and wooden slats support 22mm board 18mm laminated gypsum (provided by DEIN Prefab Systems but to be determined by contractor).

Specification sheet(s):
Warm Roof

Timber frame roof panels and trusses

Ventilated decks are usually supplied as separate components, assembled on site. In the non-ventilated roof panels, wood ceiling cassettes are produced, these panels include beams, boards and battens, and when necessary, thermal insulation as shown in the drawings.

Windows & Doors

We offer a full range of UPVC, Wood and Wood Aluminium windows and doors. All our doors are made to measure and are bespoke for each building. We offer both double and triple glazing options with tilt and turn as standard operating system. All windows have exceptional u-values and are very air tight.

DEIN Prefab Systems products are designed to meet and surpass the exacting standards of the BM TRADA Q-Mark certification scheme for high performance UPVC and timber/aluminium windows. Testing is corned out in accordance with UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) guidelines and is independently audited by BM TRADA who is the UK’s leading authority on timber. This ensures that clients receive windows that are not only traditional and aesthetically pleasing but are fit for the rigours of the 21st Century.


Rectangular cut outs are made in the factory with either 25mm conduits or drawstring wires going from the top or the bottom of the wall. All cut outs follow pre-determined electrical layouts that are defined during the design and specification period.

All that is needed on site is for the wires to be pulled through so that the back boxes and face plates can be connected, saving a great deal of time while increasing the quality of the installation.

Steelwork & Structural Reinforcements

DEIN Prefab Systems undertake the full Structural Engineering calculations for the building and where necessary we will include steel beams, columns and portico’s into the structure. These structural steel elements will either be fitted into the walls in the factory or will be craned into position and enclosed within the structure on site. Either way DEIN Prefab Systems will allow for any structural reinforcements wherever necessary within the building and include them with their package of materials.

DEIN Prefab Systems will also undertake as much value engineering of the building as possible. The goal is to design out the use of steel for which we continually develop new wall structures that comply with all local building regulations, but remove the need for steel as a material within the building.

Flat Roof Finishes

DEIN Prefab Systems as part of their continuing research and development program strive to increase the efficiency of the factory production process and to evolve ways of increasing the quality of the building whilst reducing the time on site.

DEIN Prefab Systems has designed a solution for finishing flat roofs with a system that provides a full 20 year guarantee, which is fitted in the factory and jointed on site. This means the building will have finished roof which is part of DEIN Prefab Systems’ construction process and will not require an additional 3rd party Roofing contractor. We provide a fully insulated roof cassette that comes with a prefitted Firestone EDPM roof membrane. The finished product is secured and sealed on site providing the finished roof laid to predesigned falls.

Fire Safety

Fire safety during construction is one of the biggest concerns that the industry has when building in timber. DEIN Prefab Systems being aware of this undertook to enter the UK Timber Frame Association’s recent fire test on buildings to monitor the progress of a fire in one of their buildings.

We are extremely pleased to say that our buildings are one of the most fire resistant structures there is on the market. We achieve this without having to add any other materials than our standard building structure.

Environment and Sustainability

DEIN Prefab Systems is aware of the fragile nature of our eco system and the demands that we are placing on it. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our company’s operations, how we deliver them and the products that we produce. DEIN Prefab Systems continually monitor these processes and procedures and develop new solutions and systems to address these issues. DEIN Prefab Systems use construction techniques that minimise the impact on the environment in their manufacturing process, transportation to site, site assembly and the cost of the whole life cycle.

DEIN Prefab Systems is at the forefront of ecological construction with a commitment to producing the most sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings whilst also being the leader in management controls and auditing.

DEIN Prefab Systems do not only take climate change very seriously, but also the challenge to the environment that this brings. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions wherever we can throughout our operations with a continual program of monitoring and developing/designing solutions to reduce them.

DEIN Prefab Systems strive to deliver buildings which produce a low carbon footprint and consume very little energy to help reduce the impact of new developments on the environment.